Notes n’ Beats & KS Chitra- Belong


Notes n’ Beats – Belong Official Music Video

Written by Kaebi, Rob C. and Veena Pandiri

Director, Camera Op., and Editor: Kaebi

D.O.P and Camera Op.: Rob C.

Lead Actress: Anika Ganesan

Special Appearance: Aanal Sheth (Founder &  Artistic Director Studio Dhoom)

Indian & Western Fusion

Original Composer: Madurai Mani Iyer

Music Arrangement: Priyant Sundas

Vocal Arrangement: Aswathy Vijayan


Priyant Sundas (Guitar), Steven Velasquez (Drums), Nick Beers (Bass), and William Sperrazza (Keyboard)


Swetha Ashok, Aswathy Vijayan, Amritha Vudumula (Child) and Veena Pandiri

Mastering Engineer- MN Srikar

Mixing Engineer- Pablo G. Schuller

Special Thanks To: Stephanie Richards at The Lost Rhino Brewery

A Notes n’ Beats Music School Production


July 24, 2021

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