Rob C.

Rob C.

/ Director

Born 1995
First Language English
Second Language Korean
Education St. Mary's College of Maryland
Residence DMV

My Story

One of the first videos I ever made was a high school promposal to my then girlfriend which featured a timelapse of me painting Paramore’s RIOT! album cover (her favorite band) outside during one of the windiest days in Maryland, to the song ‘Only Exception.’

Ever since then, I developed a passion for filming and editing, built on top of my love of movies, graphic art and music, which eventually led to me majoring in Television/Film/Media Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (until they cut the TFMS major after sophomore year). Very shortly after that, 20-year old Rob jumped straight into the freelance video industry and I immersed myself in every opportunity and role I could find. Commercials, Kickstarters, Youtube Shows, Documentaries, Weddings, and more Music Videos. From these, the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is the power of just listening and taking in everything around you, understanding what is possible and navigating the team toward the best outcome.

I first met Kevin (Kaebi) in Taekwondo class in the third grade and, although I was new, Kevin and his brother who were akin to Sasuke and Itachi in our dojo, took me in and found a lifelong friend. After taekwondo practice, we’d jump right onto the mic and computer in my basement to practice singing, recording, just trying to make each other laugh. In high school, Kevin would become one of the most prized choreographers and performers in the theatre/show department, while I would start a pop-punk band that was turned down from the Talent Show for not having “musicality” (f–k you, Mr. B—-). Despite the brief setback, my band The Falloff would go onto record an album and tour in pubs and bars all across the DMV at the age of 16. Splitting once more during college, Kevin and I would still find a moment to work together on what we realize now is our first video project; a narrative driven dance/choreo video that he would shoot and I would edit. I still look back on this video fondly. Shout out, TPOK.

In 2018, my friend and phonk producer Erik Peterson and I began KILLAMARI COMBO, a rap group consisting of Kaebi, Zach Hopkins, Fat Chance and T_wrecx, where Kevin and I would find more opportunities to make videos and get better at music production.

In 2019, I was asked by Kevin if I could drive up to Ohio with him and help shoot a series of projects for some friends and local musicians. After realizing how much I enjoyed and respected the process of working alongside Kevin as a professional and creative, we found 7LOX Video where we could elevate each other’s talent and skills.

"All aim, no brain." -Zach Hopkins

My Filmography

  • Year Film Title Description
  • 1997 The mask of Zorro Christian Werner

My Award

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